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7-9 Months

I Got Here All By Myself

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I found the basket and thought, “I could definitely fit into that.” So that’s what I did.

Hangin with Dad

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I’m making dad earn his day off.

9 Months Old

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At my 9 month check up. My stats are leveling out.

27 & 3/4″ long = 35 percentile
18 lbs 14oz = 25 percentile

And my face is as handsome as ever.

38 Weeks Old

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My theme song for this week has been “I like to move it move it.” You can’t keep me still. If mom and dad are available I’m holding there hand and walking around wherever I can.

I can pull myself up on just about anything. I’m not to thrilled about crawling.

What I Gave Dad

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I gave it back to dad with my calling card.

I’m… So… Sleepy

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Watching Ball With Dad

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“Helping” Dad With Laundry

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35 Weeks Old / 8 Months

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Wow. I’m eight months old today! The last couple if weeks
I’ve been fighting a double in-ear infection and bronchiolitis. I
have been coughing a lot and the doc put me on a breathing
treatment. I got to hold this contraption that blew smoke into my
face. I just wanted to eat it. Here is a pic of me this morning as
I watched dad fold clothes. He likes to make me laugh.