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Dad’s Making Me Smile

Dad —  August 31, 2010 — 1 Comment

Check out all the pics of me smiling at Mom and Dad here.

Playing with Mom and Dad

Dad —  August 31, 2010 — 1 Comment

View all photos here.

Playing ball with dad.

Diving catch.

Yeah. I’m not watching.

15 Weeks Old!

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We spent the weekend working on rolling over. I’m close to flipping over when I’m on my belly. Mom and Dad also bought me some new toys to chew on.

15 Weeks Old from Kasey Robinson on Vimeo.

Dad bought a flash for his camera, now he blinds me a lot!

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My New Thing

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I have enjoyed sitting up a lot more. My stomach muscles are getting stronger.

Right now I’m sitting up on dad’s lap and we’re watching cartoons. They make me smile.

Working on Hand-Eye Coordination from Kasey Robinson on Vimeo.

I’m 14 Weeks OLD!!!!

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Today, I slept in till 7a! Yes that’s 9hrs of sleep. You should see how my parents are acting today. They look like new people.

After dad gave me my breakfast I went back down for a nap – pretty much cause dad wore me out as we played, laughed and talked for a while.

When I woke up, he picked me up and we wanted to show you how cute I am when I first get up.

How I Get Up from Kasey Robinson on Vimeo.

Laughing from Kasey Robinson on Vimeo.

Guess Where I’m Going?

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13 Weeks Old

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I’m 13 weeks old and I celebrated it by sleeping through the night for my third night in a row.

I know. I told you a while back I was sleeping through the night. I did for about a week and then at 10 weeks I went back to old habits.

Now we are at CVS so mom and dad can get me some food. They have a sale on formula. I’m eating a lot- about 6 oz a feeding.

12 Weeks Old and Talking A Lot

Dad —  August 12, 2010 — 2 Comments

Topless and Talking from Kasey Robinson on Vimeo.