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Judah is proving to be a great “big brother.” He gave Genesis a huge hug yesterday and whispered in her ear that she was special.

On the way home from the Boardwalk we stopped so Kasey could run into a store. Genesis got a little fussy, but Judah grabbed her hand and said “It’s okay, Baby Gen’sis. I’m staying in the car with you.”

Everyday he amazes me at how much he’s taking in and processing. Right now he’s hooked on a TV show called UmiZoomi (a math-oriented show) and is trying to process numbers and counting and shapes. Even attempting counting backwards (as his rocket takes off) 10…9….8…7…10..1 BLAST OFF!

He recognizes several letters, and knows that “J” is for Judah! Speaking of names… He understands that we have more than one name. For example, he is Judah Paul Ro’son. Kasey is “Kasey Daddy Ro’son,”

One tradition that we’re carrying on with Judah is “blanket rides”. Remember those? You lay a blanket on the ground, lie down on one end, and the other person (me) grabs the corners and pulls (Judah) through the hallway to his room (fast!). This has become his preferred method of travel to his room for all naps and bedtime. Love it!


His dad must’ve taught him how to play ski-ball (the rocket in the above pic is the reward from the arcade):



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